Open Thread — Getting Started

Tired of blowing hot air about White identity?  How do we move beyond talk and begin to take action?

This is an open thread for brainstorming:

  • What are the priorities?
  • What is feasible now?
  • What resources do we have and what resources are within our reach?
  • How do we communicate?
  • How do we grow?

Bear in mind there is no easier way to kill an embryonic movement than to overburden it with unreasonable expectations.  Focus on what is achievable now, and what may become achievable in the foreseeable future.

Please contribute your thoughts…


17 thoughts on “Open Thread — Getting Started

  1. Thanks for starting this thread.
    Seeing your points i see you think much like me – Don’t waste any time on suggesting political solutions, we are decades away from political power, we have to make the political parties from the bottom and figure out how to protect them from being invaded and taken over by the usual enemies.

    It is the low class citizens who are our friends and hardly any others. They are those who have no options of gated communities, but keeps on as generations before them to live in the open. George Soros created Open Society, but as the Jew he is, the word is false – its project Prison planet. Thats what happens when every boundary is removed.
    But, there are creative thinkers at TOO, and that creative thinking is what I am interested in. Before action, we need strategies or to air them for receiving feedback, this to really see what could catch on. Thats what i think is feasible right now.

    I have been doing some thinking on unofficial territorial control, but it’s just a part of all those things which could and should be done.

    I almost believe everything have to be redone in our societies, as I have begun regarding the establishment as the Replacement, most things have been through the dysfunctionalism of the Jews.

    Absolutely first priority : Press
    Nothing will work without press, no political party will ever be heard or get any fair treatment as the MSM is clearly hostile. Our politicians should start as journalists. Press, media and publishing houses that is what creates the communication of the Nation.

    I have not used much time on Pierce, but i agree fully with his sentence. It’s what keeps me burning.

    Further analysis of the situation. I read about the Jews often all day long, and have found out there are areas where their influences are not well described:
    World demography control now and in history.
    The development of sciences. As i read i see they were very eager after the French revolution in creating the modern sciences. The most visible pattern is the use of limitations to natural sciences in order to create a foundation for secular humanism.
    Jewry have been nation wreckers for 3000 years and without FULLY understanding their methods any nation is pretty doomed.
    Thats my first priorities.

    How do we grow what?

    • @Runar Karlsen

      I absolutely agree that we need our own media. In the US, there are many small, community-based online newspapers. Here is a link to an example serving rural north west Florida. Although some capital would be required, it might be feasible to acquire or start such a small enterprise.

      I can see two general approaches. The first would be just to conduct the activities with a primary objective of being successful as a business, introducing political energy subtly and opportunistically. Eventually, different separate entities could begin to aggregate and cooperate. This is how the Jews have conducted their agenda. They have been at it for at least a century and only now are exposing their true intentions, now that they have established their power so broadly. This is a financially sound approach, but may be slow, culturally speaking.

      The second approach would be more aggressive and direct. Political concepts would be presented openly and directly. For this to work, you would need committed support within the community where you intend to operate. You would already have enlisted a basic level of sympathetic financial commitment, to advertise or purchase other services, or maybe just donate money and resources. This approach might work, but could invite strident attacks from better-endowed adversaries. But the small town, rural market is a good place to begin. You are more likely to find like-minded individuals there and can disseminate your ideas in a more low key context.

      This is how Walmart got started, did you know that? They targeted small rural towns that the big fish didn’t care about, so they entered a market where they were appreciated and there was not much competition.

      There is another way that ideas are spread. That is by religion. In the US, especially in the South, there are all kinds of independent or loosely affiliated churches in small towns or rural areas. In rural areas especially, church is where people socialize. Find some that are struggling and take them over. You would need connections to at least a few local residents. Don’t take the religion too seriously though. Maybe in Norway, people would even be open to a revival of paganism or some other form of traditional Norse religion. But the religion is just a wrapper for community. The ideology is much less important than providing a network of social and moral support. If you can provide services that people need; education, employment, health care, family services, and just the opportunity to socialize and be part of a group, then people will be drawn to you. Nothing beyond your means, just what you and your membership are able to provide, and in that context you can begin to restore a sense of belonging and cultural pride. And eventually, separate organizations can begin to cooperate and consolidate.

      If you can connect with ordinary people, understand and serve their real needs, marshal them into an organized body, from this the bigger political and cultural picture will begin to coalesce. As the existing corrupt and degenerate order begins to naturally collapse, you can then grow and move into the void that is left.

      Thank you for your post. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Whatever the Jews may be to themselves, to us they have a fixed role. They are pretenders and excel in acting. They have understood the regal position of representing. Those who you can represent, you don’t have to fight. Ordinary and peculiar misrepresenting will do the job of warfare.
    First they gained political positions in disguise, now they do it quite open. It is covert warfare. This situation demands special tools and measures, and to my desperation i have heard no suggestions.
    My idea is to focus on investigation. First investigative journalism. It’s just a part of journalism and lots can be found out at a news office. Learn to use genealogy. Later the investigation should be taken up by other professionals, lawyers and private investigators who work out campaigns to target their masked offensive racism. It all could start in a journalist office.

    How to make our media commercially viable ?
    The last 15 years MSM has lost very much of their advertising income thanks be to the internet who made advertising very cheap. It has become highly visible at our own MSM, as they have let most of their journalist go, and they now much publish the same as everyone else. Probably what the news clerk in a bucket closet at Goldman Sachs sends out.
    This time could be our chance, but are we able to come up with ideas which they can’t?
    I am not a salesman, i was educated an artist, but i see that the first to get paid in this news office must be the salesman/manager. Money will be the thing which makes it grow. I don’t know anything about creating advertising solutions, but it has to be done.

    Another thing which could help us is to write about how politics is created. The vast network of think-tanks existing. The many big sponsors of the war and loot machinery. People tend to believe the imagery which ground school and MSM puts up, that political success is a lucky story of somebody who was there at the right time with the right message. The more correct picture is described by Naomi Klein in Disaster economy, which tells us that disasters creates momentum where already commissioned and existing plans can be launched with media help against a people who had not thought out any alternative nor had any political party even favorable to their existence.
    That said – people must understand that Africa’s population excess is our problem, because history shows it is made our problem, by politicians allowing them to run away from own problems. In the same way, ALL problems are ours, if we cannot resist receiving them. We must have foresight. We must be Homo Sapiens, those who think and can plan.

    That passage became an example of what view we should spread to make people understand they should support us with more than feelings.

    Another solution is to try already mighty business people who we like and can sympathize with, to support the media project.
    Ask them for sales personnel and commercial solutions first. This should be regarded as an anti-marxist strategy, the opposing of class war, to help give business people a public face (if they like to, they may feel targeted if visibly supporting non-nwo media) and so sort out ways of healing the class divide. To make people feel there are mighty benefactors above them, and then also having found people who are of the ancient inclination, being a support pillar of society.
    Ok, thats for now. Since you came up with the invitation quite late in a thread, you could add another in a fresh thread? There is also another site which at times discusses strategies and indulges in purposeful thinking – I found out i should not contribute there, but they have a good mixed crowd.

    • @Runar

      Just responding now to your suggestion to post another invitation at Occidental Observer. I will send them a private email to ask whether they mind. If it is ok with them, then I will do so. But I do not wish to wear out my welcome there.

      • As you will.
        Also the option of just adding the websites address to signature when posting places should be enough.

    • @Runar

      I like your idea about investigative journalism. But I think it takes much dedication and interest to be successful at it. There are many primary sources of information but they are not especially easy to use, so I think it takes a long time to learn how and where to get the information you are looking for. On the other hand, investigation is an extremely useful skill one it is learned, and not just for journalism.

      I also think it tends to be very specialized, so a specialized education is required even to be able to understand the information that is available. For example, there is much to be learned by reading the financial statements of public corporations, but an accounting background is required to understand which numbers are important and how to interpret them.

      A website that does investigative journalism is The Conservative Treehouse. They received wide recognition for their work on the George Zimmerman case, and are credited with actually having an influence on the legal proceedings. One example of the work they did is here. Their politics are pretty crappy: they support Israel, love Breitbart, and White Pride may not be discussed in their comments section (“Get your own blog”, so I did).

      The preceding example raises an important issue. You can dig up more and more information and talk about it forever without end. In fact, investigation can become a placebo, an easy answer because it is comparatively safe, socially and politically speaking. Information is worthless if you never intend to stop collecting and do something about the information you already have. It becomes escapist.

      But yes, absolutely, it is an important capability that is worth our while to develop. There is a lot of relevant information available on the internet, such as this document. Should we be doing more to encourage and support people who have an interest in doing this?

  3. There is always the chance of journalism and investigative journalism to be just talk, but it is what informs the people and we need that daily mill. I personally have my life bound up with commitments elsewhere, I can’t do much of what i propose, I just feel i must go on with strategical thinking until i see the shapes of a plausible future coming up. Plans so articulate and resonate, they are likely to get through. I hate hope, I just want to see the practical way to a lively aim. The first step should be of the steps leading home.

    So, we have two camps of investigation. The citizens need and the journalists. I like the Citizens guide to investigation, though i have no personal use for information about the US bureaucracy. This is needed. Vital information for citizens on how to use society. That must class as “connect with ordinary people, understand and serve their real needs”.
    That will be an area of continual concern for our wanted media. Are there things here we should elaborate on?

    The conservativetreehouse.
    I have seen this site before, but not bookmarked me. Anything Breitbart creates a fog.
    They seem to be of the Libertarian identity. Its the last branch of Liberalism. Thats a Jewish project made for goys. They will never ever come up with or inspire to purposeful incentives, they are clearly against it, because Ayn Rand and Co have already created the solutions they want.
    They are a part of the MSM, just as much as Huffington Post. They just pretend to be different and to be in opposition as it gives them credibility. I bet they are connected with news agencies who feeds them, and then they produce a little of their own.

    The specialization of investigative journalism should not scare anyone. There are many short workshops to attend to get into new areas. Journalists who hate economy doesn’t attend economy classes.
    I just found recently a two day seminar where one of the lessons was how to use software to track persons geological movements – this is done by tracking mobilphones by a software called
    Quite so uninteresting if you ask me, but there seems to be many stories to be made when looking at todays globalist journalists. And their defamation is to bring on accurate description of their MO. What we could do is to look up journalist education, courses and lectures and evaluate them. Further i have seen journalists love to make organizations (press or pressure groups). To look into this; their internal businesses could be interesting if not outright helpful.
    Of course we need media awareness for a Nationalist press and people.
    A part of this is to review media – blogs and newspapers. Whatever is part of forming opinion.
    And also our own side. There is a history of intrigue in Nationalist circles. The most famous is maybe the Jew Cohen who headed the American National socialists. Also from Ukraine we see that the Jews have no problems collaborating with Nazis. From France i hear the Jews are getting into Marie Le Pens party.
    Instead of just identifying ethnicity, we should also identify their common agenda list. And what is accepted (temporarily) exceptions.
    I think Michael Collins Piper is interesting. I haven’t got his Judas book yet, but he has written well elsewhere on the pretenders.

    I take religion seriously, even if i don’t see much serious religion. I know pagans and some of the Nordic groups here. I think they are too indoctrinated.
    Unfortunately the defamation campaign have hit hard here and this country is pretty much secularized. The youth attends the commentary section of our newspapers with opinions like “All religion is shit”. That pretty much summarizes the intent and content of inspiration; our education system, their clueless parents, our MSM and Hollywood.
    We have no social place in the Church. Its just for the particularly interested. Our common church sanctioned by King and state, have proven useful to keep people apart, while USA have as you say, this channel of communication.
    I am a Thelemite, if Christian i go for Rosycrucianism, Enochia and the Philadelphia society of Jane Leade. Therefore ; Do what thou wilt!

    Religion is the great challenge in getting going with an non-Nwo agenda and also political parties. Jewish made Christianity always goes along with globalism. Therefore they need some exposure to fresh air.

  4. Yes, there is more. George Orwell did unfortunately not say that the conditions he described would last. I once thought it should be as a passing phase. Now we see clearly there is no fine way out for the ministery of truth. It must be disassembled by a population who understand the mechanics and the situation, otherwise they will go on as before.

  5. Years ago i was thinking about creating some independent standard for online media. A century ago, this was a hot idea focused upon, and many newspapers still have independent as a part of their name, long after they have sold out. Independent is now, in the world of news, just another word not supposed to mean anything.

    I thought for a revival of this theme of a website which listed and linked independent sites after they had confirmed names of ownership, and owners are not corporations who again are owned by another corporations. It still sounds useful, but will it be much work? Would it really change a lot? Or would it just be fire to the people who love to use the guilt-by-association technique? Could a more loosely formatted online front be a better idea?

    The great effect would be the surfers grand wave, they get access to more of the same, fast. Linking is the clue to achieve this, and also the confirmation process, which implies media review. The web already works like this, but it could be more intensified.
    It could be a way for newcomers in the media landscape to quickly get into high traffic lanes – and that is a big plus.

    The work of sorting out media ownership is not easy. I would love to get lessons on how to. If we ever get these, they should be spread.

    • I think a system of review and referral of online media is a good idea, but as you suggest, will require a lot of effort to keep current. Media outlets are constantly going into and out of existence, and they are continuously adjusting their policies and positions. An organization on the right today can be on the left tomorrow, due to turn over. I would not consider doing this without a significant amount of pre-committed participation and support.

      • I now tend to think the less formal bound organization to be best. After all, if we do the job with certifying media, it will mean the audience can fall asleep again. That must not happen. We must encourage awareness. Continual media review, now and then should be sufficient, even if these times demands a greater wave.

  6. Mediareview.
    How many of the authors we would have enjoyed have not during the last decades been put out by being repeatedly refused by the wall of covertly politicized publishing houses?
    We will never be answered.
    Most have not understood what monopoly they have, even today. We should have a list of publishers who dare to print nationalist matter. So new writers doesn’t have to take that humiliating round of being refused by their notoutspoken enemies.

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