This blog is about asserting some moral philosophy that appears to be needed in contemporary America.  There is an emphasis on supporting white males to recover or acquire the backbone to stand up for their race, their gender, their heritage, and for one another.  There is an emphatic repudiation of “white privilege” or any duty to anything but voluntary charity towards other people or groups.  This would hopefully lead to political action and organization, by and for white men, to restore balance in the media, in education, and before the law.  Also, this would hopefully lead to some effective resistance to the parasitic “victim” industry that is rotting the fabric of American society.

Constructive comments are welcome, even solicited, but I reserve the right to moderate.  I will try to observe a reasonable balance between freedom of speech and the preservation of my own message.  You do not have to be politically correct.  You can criticize blacks, women, jews, muslims, gays, or any other group that has made a sacred cow of themselves.  You can talk about secession or race war.  I will be more inclined to delete the empty, dilutive remarks that waste space and distract from the topic.  You do not have to be polite, but I will delete rants, tirades, or unnecessarily hateful comments about anyone, especially other commenters.  Occasional vulgarity or epithets are tolerable when needed to enhance substantive remarks, but if that is all you have, I going to delete it.  External links and references are fine as long as they are relevant, but spam will be removed.

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