Reference – List of Alternative Right Publishers

h/t Runar Karlsen

Authors with alt right or White Nationalist content may experience significant discouragement and waste much time by attempting to publish through main-stream channels.  There are publishers who maintain the appearance of being receptive to such content, but subject it to a program of sabotage once it has been submitted.  We are hoping to present a list of publishers who are known to be genuinely interested and supportive of material beneficial to our cause.  Please contribute by posting comments having links and descriptions of any such publishers that you know of.  Please limit comments to links and suggestions about how to present and maintain the list.  Thanks

  • American Renaissance: run by the iconic Jared Taylor, AmRen is said to be somewhat narrow about the subject matter they will support.  The focus is on racial issues. They advise, “It is usually better to send a query about an article before actually writing it.” They explain their standards in the “Writer’s Guide”, found at the link provided. Their published content appears to be English only.
  • Counter-Currents Publishing: Greg Johnson is Editor-in-Chief.  Counter Currents publishes and provides English translations for works in many, if not most, European languages.  They publish books, reviews, and on-line articles.
  • VDare:  Perer Brimelow, Editor.  VDare published a recent book by John Derbyshire, a collection of his VDare articles.  Their website does not provide any information about submitting material for publication.  You would have to contact them.  The link provided goes to their contact page.

One thought on “Reference – List of Alternative Right Publishers

  1. Thats a brilliant start. I just discovered Counter-currents on your blog roll, and finds it very readable – actually I think its the place to try get out my material on Odinism, if i ever get it finished.
    Unfortunately I have not been looking much on publishing houses and their services yet so I have nothing to contribute so far. But i will now look up the publishers of the books which i have found revelatory. I see no name of publishers on Kevin MacDonalds books on amazon, other than Kindle books, that is Amazons name for their eBooks.

    Today we also may ask what is the purpose of the publishers as there have come some “Do it yourself” solutions, where you probably can get it laid out on Amazon.
    The help of the publishing house is in:
    Editing – The editing process brings any material up.
    Distribution – To be exhibited in an actual bookstore is still helpful, even if web sale have reduced its previous totalitarian value.
    Promotion – I don’t know what they do, but they keep on selling.
    Unless we are as gifted in these 3 things as in writing, a Publishing House is helpful, and especially if the message is important and should be read and noted by many.

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